CRM-Experts offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive support during a CRM implementation or optimization. We are not bound to any IT solution editor and this guarantees objectivity in the recommendations.

Our values

We believe a CRM project needs to be well orchestrated and requires a real good understanding of the company’s business needs and goals before proceeding with the purchase of user licenses. Ultimately, this will help to save thousands of dollars and reduce overall implementation time.

We also recognize that the success of such a project involves the participation of employees at various levels and an appropriate support for each and every one in order to become autonomous and motivated to use the new tools.

Therefore a CRM project is not limited to a technological solution but should definitely consider it for an optimal integration into the organization. Most of the time it comes from a sales or marketing strategy in the goal to evolve to digital and thus affects many aspects of the business which are: Process, Technology and People.